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Benefits of Using a Mobile Vet

Benefits of Using a Mobile Vet

Catalina Veterinary Specialists is a mobile vet service that meets with people at their vets or a clinic to treat pets with serious injuries or illness. Dr. Michael J. Singer and his staff will meet with you and examine your pet and determine the right course of treatment for surgery. He will discuss with your vet his findings and perform the surgery or treatment at your regular vet clinic. He helps patients keep costs down and leaves care after surgery to the regular vet. This mobile vet surgeon in Tuscon is board certified as well.

Types of Treatments Provided

This mobile vet clinic performs a number of specialized surgeries: neck and head, thoracic, urinary tract, and orthopedic. He treats thyroid tumors, ears, hernias, abdominal problems, skin disorders, hip and pelvic fractures, and laryngeal disease. They also provide cranial cruciate repair for dogs and stem cell therapy for pets. His years of training and expertise in surgical procedures will reassure that your pet is in good hands.

Sometimes your vet does not have time to perform or treat emergencies so a mobile vet can step in and help to reduce their work load. They often specialize in surgery and have the training needed in specialized situations. These are a few of the benefits of mobile vet. A mobile vet can help you find a regular vet when you don't have one with their network of providers.

Instructions Before and After Surgery

When our team performs a specific surgery or treatment on your pet, we will give your and your vet instructions on preparing them. Your vet may have to perform certain tests before surgery. Try to bathe your pet and groom them before surgery. Our staff will perform surgery at your regular vet so he is surrounded by familiar people. We will provide you and your vet with specific instructions about care after surgery. This will involve diet, exercise restrictions, medications, and wound care. Often your regular vet and you can take care of your pet after surgery or treatment.

Contact our Mobile Veterinary Service in Tucson

Contact our Catalina Veterinary Specialists for an appointment with our veterinary surgeon in Tucson to learn more about how we can help reduce costs and treat your pet. Clinics are welcome to call too to learn more at 520-312-0003. We help pets with digestive and oral health, chronic conditions, diseases and infections, emergencies, parasites, and orthopedics.

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