Pet Abdominal Surgery

Your pet's health is important to you and whenever he or she has a medical condition that requires care from a mobile pet surgeon, the pet care professionals at Catalina Veterinary Specialists in Tucson, AZ are ready to assist you. Dr. Singer will assess your pet’s condition to determine whether or not surgery is necessary. Read on to learn more about pet abdominal surgery.

Pet Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal Procedures

Abdominal exploratory surgery may be required for your pet for a variety of reasons. This can include if your pet has suffered an abdominal wound, is experiencing pain in its abdomen, is vomiting excessively, is exhibiting signs of an abdominal mass, or is exhibiting urinary bladder problems. With help from Dr. Singer, abdominal procedures, such as exploratory surgery, gall bladder removal, intestinal and gastric foreign body removal, liver biopsy, and much more, are available. 

What We Do at Catalina Veterinary Specialists

Along with abdominal surgery, our mobile services also include head and neck surgery, orthopedics, ear disease, thoracic surgery, thyroid tumors, skin disease, hernias, and urinary tract surgery. After meeting with pet owners and doing an examination of the pet, Dr. Singer consults with the pet's veterinarian to discuss the pet's health and medical history and create a plan of action for the upcoming surgical procedure and a recovery plan for after the surgery is complete.

Our surgical services are performed at your regular veterinarian's office where we will bring our experienced staff and equipment to perform the surgery. This process not only provides your pet with quality care in familiar surroundings but also allows for a lower and affordable cost without jeopardizing the level of care your pet receives. Once the surgical procedure is completed, all post-operative care and services are taken care of by your regular veterinarian and their staff.

Mobile Veterinary Surgeon on Tucson, AZ

Whenever you take advantage of our mobile veterinary services, you can be assured our staff at Catalina Veterinary Specialists in Tucson, AZ stands ready to manage your pet's needs professionally, efficiently, and with the utmost care and compassion. Call us today at (520) 312-0003 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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