Welcome to Catalina Veterinary Specialists, a leading animal care clinic in Tucson, AZ. This mobile veterinary surgery service is both affordable and dedicated to top-notch care for the animals of Arizona. Our mission is to provide clientele with a number of services designed to meet the personal needs of every pet we encounter.

Meet the Mobile Veterinary Surgeon of AZ

Catalina Veterinary Specialists is owned and operated by Dr. Michael J. Singer, a certified board member of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Equipped with extensive knowledge of orthopedic care, oncologic surgery, and soft tissue treatment, this pet surgeon provides a wide range of services for the pets that enter his care. Dr. Singer is committed to optimizing animal welfare, and he does this in a way that is affordable, convenient, and efficient.

How Mobile Veterinary Medicine Works

Dr. Singer takes a simple and concise approach to his veterinary care. When meeting with pet owners for an initial consultation, the seasoned vet will offer a complete physical examination as well as an evaluation of the pet’s medical history. If a health issue is discovered, Dr. Singer will determine the best course of treatment for your pet.
The vet’s main specialty is providing surgery, particularly in orthopedics and musculoskeletal care; he can also provide treatment for ear disease, abdominal pain, skin disease, thoracic issues, or tumors. This kind of veterinary care is ultimately dedicated to reducing the suffering from long-term health problems that your pet may face.

After providing treatment, Dr. Singer will offer the client a care plan for the post-surgery period, including a method for pain management. Every post-surgery plan is designed for a quick, healthy, and comfortable surgery for your animal.

Booking an Appointment with Catalina Veterinary Specialists

If you are looking for a qualified veterinary surgeon in Tucson, AZ, we have you covered. Dr. Singer’s team at Catalina Veterinary Specialists provides professional surgical care at an affordable cost. We are dedicated to maximizing the health and wellness of your pet, and we do this by providing a variety of surgical services that will address your pet’s needs.

Contact our veterinary clinic at (520) 312-0003 to hear more about our services. In addition to contacting us by phone, you can also find out more by reaching us through email or by exploring the website. We look forward to providing you and your pet with the best care service possible.

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Catalina Veterinary Specialists is owned and operated by Dr. Michael J. Singer, DVM, who is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Singer has extensive knowledge in orthopedic, soft tissue, and oncologic surgical practices, enabling him to provide pet owners with a complete list of treatment options while his mobile service keeps costs low. He operates this way to help families provide their pets with the quality care they deserve while they pay for their family's needs. Because of this service, many pets have been spared the suffering of long-term, painful health problems.


Dr. Singer's process is simple and concise. He meets with pet owners and their pets for an initial consultation, a complete physical examination, and a review of the pet's medical history. He will discuss his findings with the pet's regular veterinarian and determine a treatment plan that is both affordable and effective. When it is time for the surgery, Dr. Singer will perform it in the regular veterinarian's office, accompanied by his staff and equipment. This allows the cost to remain low while maintaining a high standard of care.

After the surgery, Dr. Singer consults with the pet's veterinarian to provide a professional pain management and post-surgery care plan. This plan will be followed by the pet's regular veterinarian and staff to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.



  • Dr. Singer, I want to thank you and Val for all you did for my cat, Klodi. You were so thorough and professional, and helped sooth my anxiety by explaining procedures and potential outcomes. Val was always responsive, professional, and courteous. Klodi is doing great. Thank you so very much for giving him another chance to be a healthy and happy kitty.

    - Martha B. Show More
  • Dr Singer, Thank you for the exceptional care and surgery you provided to Zoey. We're grateful for your expertise and skill, while also giving compassion. We appreciate you, and we can look forward to Zoey's good health for many years to come.

    - Jack and Cathy N.
  • Dr. Singer and Valerie have taken excellent surgical care of several of my patients at Ina Road Animal Hospital. Their care is thorough, including being available for follow up questions or concerns. It's so wonderful to have them be a part of our team even if it's for only a few hours at a time Thanks!

    - Dr. Brenda Reed, Ina Road Animal Hospital Show More
  • "A huge THANK YOU to the veterinarians and techs of the day and night shift teams at Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center and Dr Michael Singer DVM and Valerie Young of Catalina Veterinary Specialists for bringing our girl back to us! She went in for a routine spay and ended up at the emergency center fighting for her life. If not for these dedicated and talented people, she would not be with us. Thank you God and all you prayer warriors! We are so very thankful our Sccy is h

    - Bambi C. Show More
  • My dog Tank tore his cruciate just before Christmas. Our vet, Ina Road Animal Hospital, diagnosed his condition and recommended surgery with Dr. Singer. Dr. Singer was able to quickly make an appointment to see Tank and we had surgery scheduled within a few days of his accident. Because Dr. Singer is able to do surgery at my veterinarian, I knew Tank would be in good hands. I got a call after surgery letting me know everything went well. Tank spent the night with Technicians he already knew. Ver

    - – Alissa R. and “Tank” Show More
  • Dr. Singer is fantastic to work with. He's collaborative and open to thinking outside the box to get the best for his patients. Dr. Singer is that rare surgeon who is skilled with the scalpel and great with his clients. I really enjoy working with him!

    - Kate Titus, Owner, A loyal Companion
  • Dr Singer is a spectacular Veterinary Surgeon. He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He takes the time to discuss all options and really listens. He is the best! His tech Valerie is so helpful and knowledgeable and perhaps the best measure of his mobile surgical practice is that she has worked for him for many years and she has the greatest level of respect for him. I highly recommend when being offered surgery for your pet from a veterinary practice that you do review all options because depending on the type of procedure the services of a specially trained Veterinary Surgeon can make all the difference. If you look on his website you can see all of the Vets that he consults with and operates for them on some of their cases. Pick one of those. I’m thrilled that in so doing I found Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center to be my primary care Vet.

    - Julie. D Show More
  • Excellent surgeon. Very honest, I totally trust him. My dog was three legged and Dr. Singer performed a miracle. His assistant ,Valerie, is awesome. She called me several times to check up on my dog and was very helpful and attentive. I can’t say enough nice things about both of them. So happy to have found such a wonderful and competent vet here in Tucson.

    - Donna C. Show More
  • We were devastated when we were told Sammy, our 13 y/o Yorkie Poo had liver cancer. Dr. Hurtado our primary vet reassured us that Dr. Singer was the best. Sammy had surgery and Dr. Singer removed a large intact tumor from Sammy's liver. Within four days our 4-legged baby is almost back to normal. Thanks for a job well done.

    - Dorothy and James L. Show More
  • Dr. Singer and his assistant Valerie are so caring and concerned. The knee surgery he performed on my basset hound Bertha took perfectly, but when I returned for a follow up and she was having another issue with her tail Dr. Singer took time to really look her over, listen to my concerns and offer treatment. This was by far above and beyond. Dr. Singer is also very relatable and speaks in a manner that does not have all the jargon. I could not be happier with his approach.

    - Kelly L. Show More

The Benefits of Catalina Veterinary Specialists

Your pet is never in a strange environment or surrounded by strangers. He/she is cared for and kept in familiar facilities, surrounded by familiar, friendly faces. Post-operative care is handled by your pet's regular veterinarian so pet owners know who is caring for their beloved pets.

Are You Looking for a Veterinary Surgeon in Tucson?

With Catalina Veterinary Specialists, you can afford to provide your pet with professional surgical care. We are passionate about providing the kind of medical care your pet needs at affordable rates. Call Dr. Singer today if your pet is suffering. We can help.

You can reach us at (520) 312-0003 or visit us online for additional information or to reach Dr. Singer by email. We look forward to helping you provide your pet with the highest quality of care possible.

Dr. Michael Singer, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Board Certified Mobile Veterinary Surgeon | Catalina Veterinary Specialists | (520) 312-0003

4729 E. Sunrise Dr #136
Tucson, Arizona 85718


Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Michael J. Singer
    DR. MICHAEL J. Singer

    DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons-Small Animal

    Dr. Michael J. Singer, DVM and Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons-Small Animal, received his undergraduate degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He went on to complete his veterinary degree at the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine from which he graduated magna cum laude in 1998.

  • Valerie Young, C.V.T.
    Valerie Young
    Valerie Young, C.V.T., a Tucson native, graduated form the Pima Community College Technician program and attained national certification in 2005. She has worked in specialty medicine since 2007, and has been Dr. Singer’s main surgery and anesthesia technician since 2012. She is proficient in anesthesia, patient monitoring and patient care.


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